Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Air Force to Lose Half Its JAG Generals Under Gates' Plan

My former colleagues will have 3 fewer general slots under a plan DoD Secretary Robert Gates is set to reveal soon.  While Gates outlines an Air Force with 22 fewer star-wearers overall, the USAF JAG Corps would bear 14% of the reduction burden, losing 50% of its general officers. 

The 1-star billets currently assigned to the AMC (Air Mobility Command), ACC (America's Coolest Command [yes, I'm a bit biased]--seriously, it's Air Combat Command), and AFMC (Air Force Materiel Command) Staff Judge Advocates would be downgraded to Colonel slots.  That plan would leave the newly upgraded AFLOA (Air Force Legal Operations Agency) commander as a 1-star, with DJAG as a 2-star, and TJAG as a 3-star.  If this reorganization takes effect, senior JAG promotions will be interesting, as the ACC SJA slot, in particular, has often been a stepping stone to TJAG.