Monday, April 18, 2011

Case Study: How Not to Command a Unit

The Air Force Inspector General released a report on Brig Gen Thomas Botchie, former commander of the Ohio ANG's 121 Air Refueling Wing, that serves as a good case study for a commander's course.  In addition to numerous reports of fraternization and unprofessional relations, the report details a "toxic" command climate, misuse of government resources, and allegations of sexist, "imperial," and boorish behavior by the wing king. 

I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the additional article that alleges the entire unit was rife with unprofessional actions.  My favorite quote comes from one of Botchie's subordinate commanders, Col Stephen McMahon.  Skinny-dipping “is a practice I’ve partaken in all my life at my family farm, and I foolishly allowed myself to do it in this setting,” McMahon explained in response to reports he'd gone swimming in his birthday suit with subordinates while on a temporary duty trip.  Gee, I grew up in a rural area with water in my backyard; I guess I missed out by not considering skinny-dipping while TDY.

Botchie and McMahon both retired last year.