Monday, April 11, 2011

Code Committee Publishes Annual Report

The Code Committee on Military Justice recently published its 2010 annual report, with statistics from the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, as well as each of the individual services.

The report shows slightly fewer oral arguments for last year (43) versus 2009 (47).  The data appear to show a higher degree of unanimity last year than in 2009, with 10 fewer separate opinions in 2010. 

As suspected, the Court moved its docket at a much more rapid pace in 2010, shaving nearly 2 months off the "petition filing to grant" period, after 4 years of a relatively steady pace.  Perhaps some of this time saved reappeared during the "grant to oral argument" period, which increased by 3 weeks from 2009 to 2010.  Given the quick turn-around times for several opinions, I was surprised to read that the "oral argument to decision" period grew by 2 weeks overall.  Still, the Court managed to make huge strides in its petition docket dispositions, decreasing the total time involved by nearly 40%, and it eked out a slight improvement in processing time with the master docket. 

Total petitions filed continued their see-saw ride, with 721 filed in 2010, compared to 856 in 2009, which was up from the 836 in 2008.

For more on CAAF's case management and the individual services' workloads, check out the report.