Monday, April 18, 2011

UPDATED: DoD IG Report Clears McChrystal and his Staff

A certain hastily-retired 4-star might respond "It's a little late now," but the Department of Defense Inspector General has now confirmed the results of an Army Inspector General investigation.  Both investigations cleared General Stanley McChrystal, then the senior US military officer in Afghanistan, and his staff of all chargeable offenses related to the Rolling Stone article Michael Hastings wrote last year about "The Runaway General" that got McChrystal fired over allegations of comments reflecting negatively on senior Administration officials, to include Vice-President Biden.  Neither McChrystal, nor Hastings, made statements to the investigators in this latest inquiry, relying on their previous statements.
Ironically, President Obama recently tapped McChrystal to head a new initiative devoted to helping military families, so I guess there are no hard feelings between the 2 men.

UPDATED:  DOD/IG has now posted a redacted copy of the report.