Thursday, April 14, 2011

Global Military Justice

As NIMJ continues to expand its mission of fostering the fair administration of military justice across the globe, it is a good idea to keep in mind how many people are prosecuted in military courts in the world.  Today, military justice is active on every corner of the globe.  For example, in Thailand a man opened fire in a Phuket pub and killed one person and injured four others this morning.  The man happens to be a soldier and will be handed over to the Military Police to face a court martial in Narathiwat. You can read about the case at Phuket News.  Sgt. Wisut Duongkaew, 27, allegedly used his Army-issued gun in the shooting. 

Cases like this are brought before military courts all around the world every day.  NIMJ knows that many of these military justice systems could benefit from reforms.  Please consider donating to NIMJ so that we can contribute to the fairer administration of military justice around the world. You can donate here.