Friday, April 15, 2011

High-Level Attention for Ultra-Low Flyover

We're all familiar with "constituent service"--you ask your Congress member for assistance in getting your Social Security check or cutting through other red tape, and it's in the member's interest (read: votes) to attempt to solve your problem.  In the military justice world, we see letters to local Congress members requesting help in righting a perceived wrong (translation: help get my rank back or stop my court-martial).  I've rarely seen much in the way of a response besides "We looked into this.  Here's what the military told us. Thank you for your service."

So, I was somewhat surprised to read that retired Army helicopter pilot U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell, of Iowa, wrote a letter on behalf of the now-infamous flight lead for the ultra-low football game flyover last fall.  Boswell wrote the letter to the investigating officer assigned to review Maj Christopher Kopacek's actions in the flyover, touting Kopacek's great USAF record (apparently unaware of previous issues) and what a shame it would be if Kopacek's career ended over this incident. 

UCI, anyone?