Friday, April 29, 2011

In Honor of Today's Royal Wedding News...'s the latest article on supposed British subject PFC Bradley Manning.  It seems Manning's current pretrial confinement conditions at Ft. Leavenworth are far less restrictive than those he experienced at Quantico.  He'll apparently be allowed to interact with the other pretrial confinees there and will escape the "suicide smock" at bedtime.

The end of this article mentions that subpoenas have been sent for the grand jury proceedings.  Unless there's a separate civilian criminal investigation of Manning, this statement is incorrect for multiple reasons.  As Manning's case hasn't been referred to a court-martial, there is no military subpoena power (despite recent legislative efforts to give the military enhanced subpoena authority) at this stage.  Those "subpoenas" are likely really invitational travel orders that can't force any civilian to do anything.  That "grand jury" mentioned is actually an Article 32 hearing that is a far cry from a grand jury investigation--and far more defense-friendly.