Thursday, April 7, 2011

More News of Hostile Work Environments Aboard Ship

With the court-martial of the former senior enlisted investigator aboard the Bush, Senior Chief Master-at-Arms (SW) Kevin Curtis, and other recent incidents, now we hear about an investigation into allegations that 5 senior enlisted on the USS Stout are alleged to have created a hostile work environment for their subordinate shipmates.  The report describes the group of chiefs as forming a "veritable gang" that bullied others.  The report's author had harsh words for Command Master Chief (SW/AW) Susan Bruce-Ross, in particular.  The investigation revealed evidence of false official statements, unprofessional relationships, fighting among the chiefs, and drunkenness.  (On that last one, I don't see the big deal, unless it was on duty.)  Ironically, one of the chiefs in trouble was in charge of drug and alcohol programs for the ship, and another was in charge of equal opportunity programs (i.e., you'd go to him/her with harassment or discrimination claims).

It's no surprise that the Navy is investigating the previous commander of the Stout, as the incidents showed signs of a systemic, versus isolated, problem.