Monday, April 11, 2011

Retired USAF JAG General Officers Oppose Cuts

No less prominent a figure than retired Lt Gen Jack L. Rives, the most recent former USAF TJAG (The Judge Advocate General) and current Executive Director of the American Bar Association, joined with fellow retired USAF JAG general officers to protest the recent announcement of plans to cut half of the JAG general officer billets.  See previous coverage here.

Citing the USAF JAG Corps' senior leadership's very public opposition to such War on Terror tactics as "enhanced interrogation techniques" (Gen Rives testified before Congress on the issue) and other perceived political motivations for the cuts (remember the bitter period when the Air Force General Counsel's office tried to stamp out JAG authority?), the retired leaders requested in a letter that the Senate Armed Services Committee statutorily protect the USAF senior JAG billets in the way that Congress protected Army JAG 1-star billets in the past.

Two TJAGs, a DJAG, and a host of other retired USAF general officers signed the letter.  Many more retired TJAGs, DJAGs, and general officers joined in the letter.