Thursday, April 21, 2011

Significant Clemency for Chief Gurney

The 18th Air Force commander, Lt Gen Robert Allardice, reduced CMSgt William Gurney's confinement by 80% (20 months to 4) and reduced the adjudged dishonorable discharge to a bad-conduct discharge when he took action on Gurney's case this week.  (Of course, any punitive discharge won't take effect until the completion of appellate review, if the sentence survives the review.)  The former Air Force Materiel Command chief's court-martial stemmed from a series of allegations of sexual predation upon subordinates, described in the article as follows: 

Gurney was convicted or pleaded guilty to 15 specifications involving 10 women during court-martial, including charges of maltreatment, failing to maintain a professional relationship, adultery, misuse of a military computer and cell phone and indecent conduct. He was acquitted of groping a senior airman without her permission and misuse of his office.

It's not clear from the Air Force Times piece whether the 18th Staff Judge Advocate, Col David Dales, recommended in his SJAR that Allardice grant clemency or not.  I remember Col Dales from his time as the SJA at Kunsan AB in South Korea.

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