Friday, May 20, 2011

Alleged Israeli Collaborator Sentenced to Death in Lebanese Military Tribunal

One of the defendants currently in front of a Lebanese military tribunal was sentenced to death in absentia on Monday for allegedly collaborating with the Israeli government. Each of the two defendants is charged with collaborating with Israeli intelligence services and providing them with information on Hezbollah before, during, and after the July 2006 war between the two countries. The second defendant received ten years of hard labor.

The tribunal also has three other defendants before it; the tribunal has decided to postpone their cases until late June. One of the defendants is also charged with giving Israeli operatives security information on his company, Alfa, a Lebanese cell phone company. The other two are charged with giving up sensitive information on sites in the south of the country. They could receive three to fifteen years of hard labor each.

Tareq Rabaa’s lawyer had moved to throw out preliminary investigations as there is evidence that Rabaa—the Alfa cell employee—was tortured; however, the motion was rejected. A postponement was granted instead.

(Credit: Richard Weiland)