Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UPDATED: Bragg Soldier's Murder Trial

The Fayetteville City Buzz Examiner reports that the court-martial of a Fort Bragg soldier accused of murder began Monday afternoon.  Spc. Eric Mead is accused of killing his brother-in-law, Stephen Harris, last May.  According to the prosecutors, Mead killed Harrisand tried to kill his wife, Melissa Mead, during an attack at Mead's home on Fort Bragg.  Lawyers for Mead said his wife and Harris had an ongoing relationship at the time of the attack, but said Mead did not plan it.  Prosecutors said the motive behind the attack was jealousy and contend that he had planned the attack and wanted to kill Harris.

Here's an additional article on the case, including Mead's 911 call in which he describes himself as covered in blood, yet unharmed.