Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Egyptian Military Court Releases Protestors, Mubarak to be Tried in Court

Wiredupdate.com reports that an Egyptian military court released protesters arrested by the military on March 9, in the Tahrir Square protest. That day, the Egyptian military put down a protest in Tahrir, held because the people’s demands of January 25th had not been met. Another protest was held last Friday in favor of the release of the detainees and other political figures, over 120 people. Other detainees in other incidents have not been released.

Those sentenced to greater than one year of prison had their terms reduced to suspended sentence of one year, and those who had less than a year had their terms reduced to a suspended sentence of six months.

While this is occurring, the LA Times is reporting that an Egyptian newspaper, Al Shorouk, is reporting that former President Mubarak will soon be tried in a criminal court for his actions, mainly corruption and the deaths of anti-government protesters. He should be transferred within seventy-two hours, which goes against his purported deal with the current Egyptian government to trade his assets for amnesty in an attempt to avoid a trial.  It appears the current charges will be in civilian court, although the military is looking into other charges against Mubarak.

(Credit: Richard Weiland)