Monday, May 2, 2011

The Increase in Military Blogging

The New York Times reports that blogging within the military is going mainstream.  There are thousands of blogs.  NIMJ, of course, is much more than a blog.  NIMJ regularly writes amicus briefs, provides background and analysis for the media, publishes books and reports, sponsors events, and maintains a Web site with tremendous resources for practitioners, students and policy makers. 

In fact, have you ever attended one of NIMJ's events?  Have you ever sought NIMJ’s expertise or opinion on a military justice development?  Have you ever relied on one of NIMJ's publications or Web site?  Counselors, have you ever asked NIMJ to write an amicus brief in support of your client’s appellate litigation?  Have you ever called NIMJ to ask questions about the military justice process or to get pointed in the right direction for a problem?    If so, please consider donating to NIMJ today.  You can make an on-line donation here