Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indian Army to Court-Martial Retired General Officer Involved in Land Scam

The Indian Army will prosecute former Military Secretary LTG Avadesh Prakash for illegally transferring government land to a private company. Prakash, who served at the Sukna military station in West Bengal in 2008, purportedly illegally transferred 70 acres of the base to a private realtor so that the company could build an educational facility.

The court-martial itself will be presided over by the Indian Army’s Director General, LTG Philip Compose; the members will be six army major generals. It is set to begin in mid-June. Despite retiring last year, Prakash will be recalled to duty, and punishments could be severe--reprimanding him, stripping him of rank, medals, even affecting his pension.

Others involved in this case have received severe punishments, but two have only been censured. The court will decide which fate Prakash will share.

(Note:  We have rising Firstie [senior] Richard "Rick" Weiland from the US Coast Guard Academy interning with us this month.  He wrote this blog post--and the others in this series--in his personal capacity.  Any opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of the US Coast Guard or the Department of Defense.)