Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pre-Trial Confinement of Rwandan Officer Extended

AllAfrica.com reports that a Rwandan military court has ruled to extend the provisional detention of Lt. Col. Ngabo Rugigana, a former head of the Engineering Regiment in the Rwanda Defense Forces, by thirty days. He is currently being detained by that state for allegedly aiding his brother in forming a subversive militia group. The prosecutors, in making their request, argued that if released, Rugigana would escape and “jeopardize” investigations. While those investigations are currently underway, there appears little evidence to continue to detain him; his lawyers had applied for his release accordingly. The judge denied the request, holding that the prosecutors’ request for an extension was “presented in a manner and time that respects the law.”

Rugigana’s brother is Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, who was convicted and sentenced last year to twenty-four years in prison for “allegedly forming a terrorist group, threatening state security, undermining public order, promoting ethnic divisions and insulting the person of the President.” Prosecutors hold that Rugigana was aiding his brother, and that in doing so, he has threatened national security.

(Credit: Richard Weiland)