Friday, May 6, 2011

Washington Post In-Depth Coverage of Bradley Manning's Upbringing, Army Career

The Washington Post provides an insightful portrait of the messed-up life that shaped PFC Bradley Manning.  From an alcoholic mom who didn't drive (in wide-open, rural Oklahoma, no less) to a dad who swooped home from business trips long enough to intimidate his son, this is not a flattering picture of the Manning family.  Manning's early adult life focused on frustrations stemming from feelings of abandonment and a struggle with an overt sexual orientation that was unacceptable in the military he'd joined.  Combine that background with Manning's mental health issues and computer aptitude, and add a lackadaisical attitude toward information security in a SCIF in Iraq, and you have one potent recipe for disaster.  CAAFlog's No Man (Mike Navarre) and others also weighed in on the fall-out from the Wikileaks revelations.

In other Manning news, his recent move to Ft. Leavenworth seems to have been a good one on the PR front for the military, with his new conditions less restrictive than those at Quantico.

(One editorial note:  You can always tell when someone hasn't spent much time in the Sooner State because they describe it as Midwestern.  It's actually far more Southern.)