Thursday, June 9, 2011

Accused Doctors Face Military Trial in Bahrain

ABC news reports that dozens of doctors and nurses, who treated anti-government protesters during Bahrain's recent uprisings went on trial in a military court this week.  The Bahraini Government has charged the mainly Shiite group with participating in protests to overthrow the monarchy and of denying medical attention to Sunni patients.  There is an interview of a woman named Fatima in the report.  She is the daughter of one of the doctors on trial. She was there on Monday, and says doctors were forced to confess under threat of torture and while blindfolded were made to sign confessions. Interestingly, Fatima says this approach is not new.  She says, "To be honest it's not the first time that Bahrain goes through such events. It happened before in the '70s and the '90s and again now. But it never reached this far. I mean the medical field is a red line that should not be crossed. They crossed that red line and they accused those medical professionals of committing atrocious crimes."