Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Airmen Use DADT As a Sword

As we edge closer to the Secretary of Defense's certification that the military services are ready to implement the repeal of the law that has kept openly gay individuals out of the military since the 1990s, AP reports that 3 airmen sought discharges under the policy within the past month. 

Apparently, the 2 female E-5s and the male O-1 each requested expedited processing of their discharges so they will be out of the military by the time the policy changes.  Servicemembers United Executive Director Alexander Nicholson opined that something else might have propelled these 3 to take such actions. 

I seem to recall a spate of individuals who couldn't quite get their family care plans together when they realized "parenthood" was a ticket to an honorable discharge.  A few years before that, some folks realized a certain mental health provider could provide any "easy out" if you acted just enough "off" in that person's office.  And, before the implementation of recoupment procedures, stating you were gay was the rage for those who sought to avoid further service.  (Of course, I've personally witnessed plenty of individuals who voluntarily revealed their sexual orientations in order to end the tortured secrecy that the military's homosexual conduct policy requires, and I don't intend this post to demean or question their sincere efforts.)

It seems we've come full circle, but the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will eliminate this option in the near future.