Friday, June 17, 2011

"Entrepreneur" Sailor and Navy Family Members at Rota Busted for Drug Distro

You'll recall the commander of Naval Station Rota was fired several months ago.  Now we learn more details about what prompted the action.  A sailor and a dozen dependents at Naval Station Rota faced discipline over allegations they distributed marijuana on the base.  The Navy Times reports "Electronics Technician 2nd Class Kelly Mayo was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, making a false official statement and possessing and distributing marijuana."  Mayo's discharge in lieu of court-martial was approved last week.

A second sailor who knew of the drug ring and failed to take action is pending disciplinary measures.  It appears the dependents are subject to Early Return of Dependents or at least barment from the Rota facility.

Something tells me this gal didn't get her Off-Duty Employment Letter approved for this venture.