Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'Kill Team' Witness Admitted Lying

Stars and Stripes reports that Pvt. Jeremy Morlock, a key government witness in the case of U.S. soldiers accused of murdering Afghan civilians for sport, lied about two of the defendants in hopes of winning leniency.  Pvt. 1st Class Ronald Darnell Washington, a man who was locked up with Morlock, provided a sworn statement that Morlock told him that Spc. Michael Wagnon and Pvt. Andrew Holmes had nothing to with staging the unjustified killings. Morlock was a leader of the plot and has been sentenced to 24 years in prison in the case. Wagnon, of Las Vegas, and Holmes, of Boise, Idaho, both claim that they believed they were responding to legitimate threats during the killings last year.  Wagnon's attorney, Colby Vokey, filed Washington's statement in court Tuesday.  Morlock insisted during that hearing that Wagnon did, in fact, know of the plot in advance.