Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lakin Article About Appeals

The Army released LTC Terrence Lakin from confinement last month, but he's still making news.  This time it's an article about his appellate and retirement prospects (slim). 

I found it interesting that the article mentioned Lakin getting back the retirement benefits he lost due to his court-martial conviction and sentence.  Considering Lakin hadn't reached 20 years of service at the time of his conviction, he didn't lose any retirement benefits; he'd never qualified for them in the first place. 

While the convening authority declined to grant clemency in Lakin's case, his dismissal from the Army has yet to take effect.  That won't come unless, and until, that part of the sentence survives appellate review.  If the dismissal is wiped out on appeal, then Lakin could attempt to finish his 20 years of service.