Thursday, July 28, 2011

UPDATED/CORRECTED: Ft. Hood Plot Discovered

At least 3 military members, at least 1 of whom is AWOL from Ft. Campbell, are in custody for allegedly plotting another attack at Ft. Hood, home of 2009's deadly rampage, and for weapons charges.  Details are sketchy right now, so it's not apparent whether the arrest of the AWOL soldier is related to the other 2 arrests.

UPDATE/CORRECTION:  As so often happens with breaking events, it seems only 1 individual is in federal (civilian) custody following a tip from a Killeen gun dealer about a suspicious person.  Authorities are not confirming whether there is any link between the soldier from Ft. Campbell, identified as PFC Naser Jason Abdo, and any purported planned attacks on Ft. Hood.  Abdo was apparently AWOL, after refusing deployment and claiming conscientious objector status.

NIMJ's previous coverage of Abdo, including child pornography allegations, is here.