Discharge Boards Still Working on Homosexual Cases

Despite hearing the death knell of the military’s homosexual policy, the services are still processing discharges for homosexual conduct under 10 USC 654. Stars and Stripes reports that a Navy discharge board was to be convened today with a view towards involuntarily separating a sailor (PO2 Derek Morado) who apparently posted a photo of himself kissing another male on a social networking page.

Ft. Bragg CID Agents on Other End of Investigation

Four members who work narcotics issues in the Army Criminal Investigation Division at Ft. Bragg are under investigation by the FBI over allegations of kidnapping and threats to a civilian whom the agents believed had had a relationship with the wife of a CID agent.

New Hood Commander Likely to Make Decision in Hasan Case
We earlier noted that Ft. Hood is pending a change of command that might affect the anticipated convening of a court-martial  the officer charged with opening fire there in November 2009. It now appears the incoming commander, MG Donald Campbell, rather than current commander LTG Robert Cone, will make the decision as to whether to convene a court-martial and whether to refer it as a capital case.