There is an interesting article in the Air Force Times on Col. Klesa Christian.  She was passed over for blowing the whistle on what she described at the service’s “broken” personnel system.  She wanted the job to overhaul the system.  Her qualifications seemed to make her an ideal candidate.  However, Maj. Gen. James Rubeor passed her over. According to the article, “He told other officers he passed Christian over because she was ‘in the doghouse’ for criticizing the system.”  Christian believed Rubeor was exacting revenge and filed a complaint with the Air Force Inspector General’s office.  The IG investigation found in favor of Christian: “Rubeor had violated the federal Military Whistle-blower Protection Act.” He received a letter of reprimand.  But by the ruling came down, Christian had retired.  The article gives details of the investigation and the rocky professional relationship between Christian and Rubeor.