Two local D.C. news outlets, ABC and CBS, covered the story about the northern Virginia man whose suspicious behavior near the Pentagon prompted a security scare last Friday.  Yonathan Melaku apprehended near the Pentagon with suspicious items in his backpack. He is now facing more felony charges for an unrelated case and new questions have emerged about his background, including why his security clearance had not been revoked.  Michelle M. Lindo McCluer, NIMJ’s Executive Director was interviewed by the D.C. CBS affiliate in the story.  She commented on the fact after his recent arrest, Melaku’s security clearance was valid.  She explained, “That background investigation is good for secret clearance for ten years, good for top secret for five years. So, you’re usually not going to have any records check in the interim.”  Melaku was arrested May 26, 2011 in Leesburg in connection to 27 vehicle tampering cases there. He posted a $5,000 bond and was initially released. But his bond has now been revoked and he’s back behind bars in Loudoun County.