An Empty Regard, by William Deresiewicz

Today’s New York Times Sunday Reviewleads off with “An Empty Regard,” a thought-provoking essay by William Deresiewicz. See what you think. Oddly, the photograph of the faceless soldier that accompanies the article is different between the print (far left) and online (near left) versions. For Army readers: if you were conducting a personnel inspection, would either soldier pass? If […]

Petitioner’s CAAF Brief in Callwood

We alerted readers to CAAF’s recent grant of review of a unique Ineffective Assistance of Counsel issue the other day.  Although getting access to all the briefs remains elusive, we did manage to get our hands on the petitioner’s supp pet.  While there’s a “completeness of the record” issue, the juicy matters surround the IAC claim.  Captain Callwood […]

Marine Corps Reservist is Suspect in Pentagon Scare

Two local D.C. news outlets, ABC and CBS, covered the story about the northern Virginia man whose suspicious behavior near the Pentagon prompted a security scare last Friday.  Yonathan Melaku apprehended near the Pentagon with suspicious items in his backpack. He is now facing more felony charges for an unrelated case and new questions have emerged about his background, […]

Feres Doctrine Revisited

Our own (and CAAFlog’s) Mike Navarre (aka No Man) and Major General (retired) John Altenburg are both quoted in a Stars and Stripes article yesterday that presents the heart-wrenching facts of the latest cases stemming from allegations of military medical malpractice.  In the most prominent pending case, SSgt Dean Witt’s family hopes to overturn the Feres doctrine […]

Wiki___ Witness Won’t Testify

David House, who helped found the Bradley Manning Support Network, reportedly invoked his 5th Amendment right not to testify before a civilian grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia yesterday.  The grand jury is investigating Wiki____’s publication of thousands of sensitive and classified documents on its website.  Army PFC Manning has been held in various military pretrial […]

Admitted Affair Causes Some to Question Guard Leader’s Fitness

As the tantalizing Rep. Anthony Weiner story (hopefully) fades, we read a post questioningSouth Carolina Comptroller General Robert Eckstrom’s temporary appointment as the head of South Carolina’s state National Guard.  Brigadier General Eckstrom has admitted to having an affair while he was separated from his wife.  The affair is causing some concern among those who say such actions, […]

Egyptian Woman Facing Military Trial

Ahramonline reports that a civilian woman facing a military trial for attacking a policeman is arguing that she was the victim of a brutal attack by the police.  Lawyers and activists gathered at the military court in Haram to support the case of May Metwaly.  When she regained consciousness, Metwaly found herself in a police station accused of insulting a […]

Argument in Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s challenge to 2d court-martial

The Court of Appeal of Sri Lanka is considering former Chief of Army Staff Gen. Sarath Fonseka‘s challenge to his second court-martial (at which he was sentenced to 30 months’ confinement). Click here for an account in the Daily Mirror:   “Deputy Solicitor General Mrs. Bimba Tilakaratne appearing for the Attorney General contested the maintainability of the application in view of […]