Sky Soldiers Commander Relieved for Inappropriate Relationship with an Iraqi, Investigation Reveals

The Stars and Stripes reports on the Army investigation into Col. James H. Johnson III.  The investigation alleges that the former commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade misused government resources, filed fraudulent travel vouchers and had “an inappropriate relationship” with the wife of his cultural adviser. The Stars and Stripesreceived a copy of the 15-6 investigation.  The article claims the investigation […]

Air Force Whistle-blower Passed Over

There is an interesting article in the Air Force Times on Col. Klesa Christian.  She was passed over for blowing the whistle on what she described at the service’s “broken” personnel system.  She wanted the job to overhaul the system.  Her qualifications seemed to make her an ideal candidate.  However, Maj. Gen. James Rubeor passed her over. According to the article, “He told other officers […]

Amputees and Continued Military Service

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve read 2 articles about injured service members and their bids to continue to serve in uniform.  One trumpets the first USAF officer (1Lt Ryan McGuire) to complete initial pilot training as an amputee.  (The first US officer (Lt Col Andrew Lourake) returned to the cockpit after an above-the-knee amputation less than 7 years ago.)  Those […]

Pakistan Court Martial of 11 Accused in attack on GHQ Completed reports that a military court in Pakistan has completed the trial of eleven civilians accused of attacking the Army headquarters.  According to the article, the military court conducted the hearing at an unidentified place for five months and completed the court martial on Monday.  On October 10, 2009 ten assailants armed with heavy ammunition and hand grenades […]

Post-Trial Appeals

McClatchy has two stories on Brian Foster and some of the problems of post-trial appeals available here and here.  Brian Foster is a Marine Corps gunnery sergeant and a military policeman.  A military jury convicted Foster of spousal rape in late 1999 and sentenced him to 17 years. In February 2009, the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed […]

Honors Fights Move to End Navy Career

The former commander of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise now faces a board of inquiry to recommend whether his Navy career should end over the raunchy and sophomoric videos he created as the executive officer aboard the Enterprise a number of years ago.  Captain Owen (O.P.) Honors is the subject of a website supporting his efforts to remain in the […]

RCM 706 Board Finds Manning Fit to Stand Trial

Accused Army Wikil___er PFC Bradley Manning is fit to stand to trial, declared the medical experts comprising the mental health review board assigned to determine Manning’s competency to face a court-martial.  To reach this conclusion, the board had to answer 4 questions.  Merely determining whether Manning has or had a mental illness is not sufficient for finding […]

Convening Authority Takes Action on Lakin Case

CAAFlog broke the news first, but now The Republic and Army Times are also reporting that the general court-martial convening authority for the Military District of Washington, MG Karl Horst, has taken action on LTC Terrence Lakin’s case by approving the adjudged sentence of 6 months in confinement and a dismissal from the service.  Anyone have a copy of […]

Sanity Board for PFC Manning

The Washington Times has a front-page story this morning about PFC Bradley Manning of Wikileaks fame. Although I thought this was already underway, the Army (through an unrelated COL Manning) announced that Manning will undergo a sanity board conducted under Rule for Court-Martial 706. Not surprisingly, the timetable for the board’s work isn’t listed. Of some note, […]